Find usages within references
Service Studio
OutSystems 6.0
I use many times the "find usages" tool in Service Studio.
It's very helpful to clean an eSpace from old Actions or other objects that are not in use.

But, there's a problem in this process, when I have a function that is not being used in the eSpace where it was created, but it's being used in one or many referenced eSpaces.
In this cenario, using this tool will just say that the function is not being used, since it only checks the current eSpace, and the user could remove the function, leading to compilation error in other eSpaces.

I know that I can see wich objects are referenced to other eSpaces from Service Center, but I need to see one eSpace at a time.
In my opinion it would be better if the "find usages" tool checked the referenced eSpaces too, or it could be a preference in Service Studio.
The "References Dashboard" espace shows you if actions are being used by other espaces, but it would be really helpful if you could do it right from the action.
With 6.0 you can download all consumers of a given public element of your eSpace and you find usages across all open eSpaces.

Would be great if SStudio allowed for a selection of the consumers to Download. Sometimes, the eSpace installation is so big and the reference so commonly used that this would be a nice feature to help the Developer. Please vote at