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Hi all,

On Reactive web apps it's no longer possible to add variables on the screen title, it only allows text.


Web tradicional:

I think it's good thing to have because if a customer has a lot of tabs open, he has to open each tab to find the "order" that he wants to see.



2019-04-07 18-26-39
Vitor Teixeira
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expected delivery in Q2 2020

Hello Miguel,

Thank you for sharing your idea. I’m marking this as “working on it” since we understand the benefits of dynamic page titles and will be working on a simpler experience.

While this feature isn’t delivered, you may consider adding the JS code below to a Client Action named SetPageTitle that accepts the "dynamic title" as a parameter. Then you can call it from the OnReady event of the screens.

Thanks again!

Nice Idea Miguel!

Thanks @Vitor for the workaround!



Sad it's already Q2 2021 and we still can't set titles dynamically. :-(

@Vitor your workaround doesn't work anymore.

The OnReady changed the title but with an OnChange operation the default title reappears.

Can you help? 

A date to place this in production also works for me.

Thank you

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on 13 Sep 2021

Hi, everyone!

I'm happy to announce to you that since Service Studio 11.12.0 version, you can use variables (and other expressions) on the screen Title of reactive or mobile applications!

Thanks a lot, Miguel for your contribution!


Hi Chirag!

Thanks for your message!

The environment requirements to use the dynamic screen titles are the Service Studio 11.12.0 or later and the Platform Server 11.13.0 or later. Can you please check your Platform Server version, please?

Best Regards