2020-03-16 13-52-40
Daniel Eugénio
COVID-19 | Chatbot for FAQs

As we know, contact centres are underwater everywhere (as SNS24 in Portugal).

The idea is to create a chatbot for FAQs that allow people to quickly get relevant information.

We can use OutSystems.AI chatbot, integrated with the QnA service and integrated with some oficial knowledge bases (example: https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/novel-coronavirus-china/questions-answers).

Unanswered questions can be listed in a page, to be reviewed and added to the knowledge base, to make the chatbot smarter and smarter.

The chatbot could then be highly improved if we allow humans to enter the loop and make the experience even smoother.

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On this subject, It would be great to take advantage of AI to allow for some sort of automatic triage system following the defined protocol's for SNS24 (or others).

This could be made available as a website or a mobile application and enable automatic notification for national helthcare systems on suspect cases.

Another nice feature would be to combine suspect cases with the ability to be identified (email, phone number, etc) and that these could start prodiving regular "ceckins" on their health status - symptoms and symptom "strength", fever measures etc. This would allow remote tracking these cases as well with useful information for doctors.

(just thinking out loud! cheers and stay safe!)

We're building a solution like this for the Norwegian Directorate of Health care in Norway - we've spent the weekend to set-up logic and dialogue regarding Covid-19, and had an initial test/demo today (Monday), and are progressing towards launching it for the public.

In Norway we see a problem getting information to the public, and several knock-on effect regarding information need. A lot of people are doing a great job communicating on web pages, emails, press releases and so on - but a virtual assistant up to date would also help.

It also gathers data from the dialogues for analysis purposes, so it's a great tool for insight in the weeks and months to come.

This is a good idea that could help people and contribute in the challenging times ahead. 

Excelent idea.

Responses can be customized by country or region, as they are taking different containment measures.

Niels Besselsen

Here's an example of an Italian province's website that has such a chatbot. It helps people understand if they should stay home/go see a doctor/go to the ER. 

VERY important to make this chatbot MULTI-CHANNEL in particularly SMS/text!

A PWA would be great - but - SMS is the easiest and more pervasive digital channel particularly in the U.S.



This is a great idea! 

Tech4covid19 (Portuguese team) is developing the same idea. Maybe we should join forces! 

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Working on it
expected delivery in Q1 2020

This is a great idea! We talked to the team and it will be delivered together with the Corona Virus Panic Controller app. It's really great to see people come together to overcome this crisis!

Hey there, I am happy to help if there is the need.



Great idea....

Congratulations on the idea. And for being accepted. I like to see our community committed to looking for solutions to help fight this pandemic. It is at this point that people should reflect on why they sometimes seek war, when in fact we succeed in uniting the entire world.

Congratulations for being this idea selected. Indeed good one.

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Integrate in one app the folowing services for people (Multilanguage):

-Chat bot for faq and advices

-Have activities reminder and instructions depending of the infection status. (Not infected, phase 1, phase 2 ...)

Acredited health services may have access to dashboards and be able to access patient status.

More functionalities may be added to the personal assistant but the app should be modular in order to let the people to have just one app , instead of having to download various apps.

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Hello everyone!

I had a experience on ChatBot using QnAMaker along with LUIS sometime ago. I'd like to put myself available for helping on it. I'm looking foward having a brazilian version of it available for all the local citizens as soon as possible. Can I "localize" it as soon it is done, please? Thanks in advance and count on me too!

2020-03-16 13-52-40
Daniel Eugénio

Hi Kleuber, our solution is already live: www.todosporum.pt.

Contact me directly to learn more ;)

Great work! Congratulations guys!

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on 25 Mar 2020

Wow! Implemented already. Is it available somewhere for us to see it in action?

2020-03-16 13-52-40
Daniel Eugénio

Hi Swatantra, our solution is already live: www.todosporum.pt. (it's in Portuguese)

Contact me directly to learn more ;)

Congratulations Daniel !!