COVID-19  Monitoring and contact tracking application

At the start of the Corona pandemic we were approached by a doctor and the municipality of the Hague with the question if we could modernize an application the doctor had made with Microsoft access.

The goal of the application is to monitor potential cases, prioritize them and tracking how many contacts they have had and reach out to those.
If they showed any symptoms they are referred  to a doctor that then could assess and report back.

It is currently being by the municipality of the Hague and from their side some questions popped up about why it's not yet country wide. As multiple regions are showing interest.

As the app was built in less then a weekend in OS10 (work with the tools you have) it being a high priority and all. It will need to be rebuild bigger, better and more scalable so it could be used country wide (and potentially world wide)

2018-11-19 18-29-11
Jen Lopez
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expected delivery in Q2 2020

This project has been selected by the COVID-19 Community Response Program!

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on 04 May 2020

It's live! Congrats to the team :)