Improve the Community Digest email

One of my main methods to know what is happening with OutSystems is the Community Digest email. This mails shows me what's new in the Forums, the Forge and Idea's. Very nifty. It could however use some improvements that really capture everything needed;


  • The whats-new page of OutSystems tells me of all new and updated features of the OutSystems platform. Adding this to the daily digest would get me up-to-date more easily
  • Notification when a new version of the platform is available. Either this is for Service Studio, a Plaform server or Lifetime. I would like to read the release notes in the Daily Digest
  • Discovered (and fixed) security issues


  • The look and feel of the email could really use some attention. The spacing (or lack of) is not the same between sections and the readability could really be improved.
  • Please display the release notes of a new Forge items version instead of the description. In this mail I would like to know what is new for components, not what the component does (unless it's the first publish of the application).


2018-11-19 18-29-11
Jen Lopez
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Love these suggestions! This is definitely on our radar, as we have a number of improvements to make on those emails. 

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on 08 Jul 2021

Hello Vincent,

The new Digest was developed with your valuable insights and feedback in mind. So your idea was built on and implemented.

The Digest is live since 8th of July, the UI, UX and content were updated.

Thank you for your feedback!

It not always looks so nice like the above example,

Hi Ricardo,

Great to see that this feedback has been picked up. The content is now a bit better. However, like Alberto says, when you open the email in an email client like Outlook the layout is not as nice as you showed. Please check the following 2 examples of the same email. The margins and paddings are not respected and therefor stretching the email. This is best visible with the Recent Activity section.



Hello Alberto and Vincent,

We are aware of the Outlook visual issues and trying to fix them.
For now, the only thing you can do to see it a bit better is using the email in browser. It really needs to be the browser and not the "view in browser" of outlook app because the issue is the CSS properties in outlook.

Of course, we are trying to solve it as quick as possible.

Thank you!