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expected delivery in Q2 2020

An app that allows small local businesses that do or do not have website/ e-commerce to advertise their services and changes, in context of COVID-19, on their business operations to local Neighbors.

As main users, we will have citizens and Local business owners/representatives

The main use cases we propose are:

  • Local businesses can sign up through a platform and fill in their information, like: Updated opening hours/delivery hours, contact information, location, list of services they deliver, changes to their business operations in effect right now and series of small posts/tweets
  • Citizens can easily find and consult the information above in their immediate neighborhood / current location. They should be able to filter by services and even quickly find who is open or delivering right now or for a certain time. They can then contact the local business or head there.

The main challenges we are assuming that we going to face with are:

  • Getting the local businesses to sign up;
  • Information can be outdated fast;
  • Validating the information given (avoid fake businesses and misinformation
  • It needs to be easy for businesses to use.
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Working on it
expected delivery in Q2 2020

This project has been selected by the COVID-19 Community Response Program!

Great News!

Isn't there a danger of trying to re-invent Google Maps? I routinely update information on places I visit and most get approved quickly, it has all the facilities to show contacts, opening times and photos. I also use it all the time. Or perhaps consider integrating with the Places API?

Hi Neil, integrating with the places API seems a great idea to check if the places are indeed open. Do you want to help?