COVID-19 | Application to support small businesses in crisis


The Idea:

With the current requests all over the world for people to stay at home in quarantine, it's been really hard times for small businesses like small grocery stores and small restaurants (and others) that generally have a big impact on the local community and financially on the country as well. With strict orders to stay at home, it's really hard to connect people to those small businesses and that's where our idea comes in to fill the gap. 

Most of those (not to say all) small businesses don’t have an online business and don’t have the resources to create one (like big players do) what we offer is a tool where they can add their products and their customers can make online orders of their products to either be picked up on the store or to be delivered at home by the local business.

Highlights of this idea:

 - No revenue is expected from the idea creators, all the money from the products is for the local business and no extra costs are associated with the orders, it's up to the local business to offer the delivery, but that's very much enforced, the goal is to help the community! (that's why this is better than Uber eats and Glovo and others) No extra costs!

 - For the small businesses to make the most out of this tool, they should define several delivery slots during the day (lunchtime/dinner time), prepare all the orders and delivery all of them in one shot (or two, if the small business can make it all at the same time)

Features - MVP

 - The user can register and search for local businesses around

 - The user can make an order and follow it's status

 - The user can use a chat to contact the local business to clarify any questions

 - The user can rate the experience

 - The local business can register and create all the portfolio of products and its stock 

  - Import via excel is also an option

 - For the small business to access the application they must provide a proof that they own that business.

 - The local business can manage all the requests and will have a view of all the delivery points in a map

 - The local business must also define the geographic delivery range

 - PWA is an option to enhance the experience 

Important remarks:

 - The delivery is made by the company itself, not by us. Even though they can subcontract other vendors to do this service.

 - The company has to register itself with valid enterprise VAT.

 - There’s no fee during the quarantine period.

 - The payments are made via MB-Way (in PT) or bank transfer, preferably in advance to avoid “kids playing around”. The proof must be uploaded in the request.

 - The invoice is delivered by the local business

The team:

We are 5 OutSystems Technical Success Managers + 1 Customer Success Manager available to work on the idea

Created on 25 Mar (9 days ago)
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Good idea.  +1

This is best we can give back to small businesses. My vote goes for it.

Good ideia.