Application to display the restaurant menu on the customer device

This application would allow restaurant to register and upload their menus in a simple way.

Once the menu is online a customer would simply scan a QR code and a PWA application would load the menu

This would avoid multiple customers touching the menus, less waste on discardable menus or investment on expensive devices such as tablets that wouldn’t lastlong if they are continuously cleaned with disinfectants.

Above all it would enhance the feeling of security by the customer, as each costumer would use his/hers own device.

Hmm nice idea... However its impact on reducing the spread of COVID 19 is debatable. 

May be, when you get into the restaurant, they give free WIFI and you download the app, and it will have all the menus and details you can order, basically use your own phone to order, and the order would show up @ the back-end i.e. kitchen and rest of the activities can be streamlined.  

Changed the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in Q2 2020

This project has been selected by the COVID-19 Community Response Program!

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on 21 May 2020

It's live! - Congratulations to the team :)