Small Business MarketPlace - Readiness Plan for Re-Opening

This is an IMMEDIATE and URGENT need as businesses are scheduled to re-open. I have a local tv station client who has agree to sponsor and promote this solution both during the broadcast segments and through social media to drive traffic and use of this solution. This solution is going to be called the "Small Business Marketplace". The concept of the solution is to allow small businesses in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas to have a listing and post to consumers their Covid-19 readiness and response. In Indiana (U.S), the Governor has posted several restrictions as businesses begin to open up and currently there is no easy way to know what various requirements each individual business has. Using the Small Business Marketplace, SMB's can display their individual business readiness plan i.e. face mask required, special hours for high-risk customers, local delivery, virtual shopping, at-store pick-up, social distancing, 50% capacity. Through the Small Business Marketplace, small businesses can also provide links to e-commerce sites, links to free open source tools like Calendy and Zoom, store hours, location and business contact information. In essence, this is like Yelp for Covid-19 and adding in features like virtual shopping thru Zoom. 

With the client being a local t.v. station their plan is to heavily promote this site, the technology (low-code) and also run special broadcast segments to instruct on using Zoom and Calendy (instructional content will be embedded in the Marketplace as well). This is a goodwill effort to support small businesses who desperately need to publicize their Covid-19 response and utilize a local media to promote drive traffic to their businesses. 

There is already a simulation created for this concept and agreed upon by my client. It is actually very simple and straight forward. The client has also agreed to use their internal resources to provide small business data to populate the site. My client is ready to get started and the timing is urgent as Indiana Small Businesses are set to open between May 11th and July 4th with various restrictions according to plan.  

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It's live!! Congratulations to the team :)