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First release on 
3 Aug 2020
Latest release on 
1 Apr 2021
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Easily optimise office space and equipment. With flexible working arrangements, allocating and managing your office space and equipment can be challenging. Manage desk and room bookings, and track visitors with our easy-to-use Workspace app.
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Key benefits
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There is a better way to manage your in-office workforce

Knowing who will be in the office on any given day can be challenging, and staff can come to work only to find no desks or meeting rooms available. With Workspace, employees and management can easily overview available desks, meeting rooms and equipment and book accordingly. By maximising your office assets, you can oversee who is working in the office and better plan future needs.

Improve resource management: get insight into what resources are being utilised or underutilised, allowing you to plan future layout and infrastructure purchases better.  

Better plan spine days: many offices have realised the importance of hosting key days in the office for planning, team building and in-person meetings. Make sure you have the available resources to accommodate your team. 

Decentralise bookings: allow employees to book desks and meeting rooms, letting administration staff focus on other, more pressing tasks.

How does it work?

Workspace puts the power in your employee's hands to self-manage their desks and meeting room booking needs.

Step 1: Find an available space 

Open the app to view your office's real-time map, including available desks and meeting rooms. 

Step 2: Check into the office when you arrive 

When you get to the office, check in to reserve your preferred desk or meeting room.

Step 3. Share your booking 

Let coworkers know you’re in the office and where you’re sitting.

Problems Addressed / Key Features
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Employees can use the Workspace app to plan their workweek

  • Employees can organise their work week by using the smartphone app

  • Users can get a real-time view of who is in the office and better coordinate interactions

  • Staff can check into their desk by scanning a QR code

Effortlessly map your office for better navigation

  • It’s easy to create a map that looks like your office

  • Easily update layouts with drag-and-drop layout components

  • Employees can easily navigate layouts to choose resources

Make it easy for management and reception to track who is in the office

  • Real-time overview of attendance

  • See which desks and areas are more popular 

  • Make better, data-driven decisions

Are you ready to supercharge your workplace resource management? Let’s talk.

Technical details
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Facilities Management, Visitor Management, Desk Booking, Room Booking, and Office Management. OutSystems Platform 11+

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