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Dynamic Forms Reactive

Stable version 1.0.9 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Dynamic Forms Reactive

A reactive dynamic forms application, which allows you to define forms containing some dynamic fields of different types (Text, Number, Checkbox, Date, DateTime, Time, Dropdown, Multiple Tags, Radio Group), then you can use these forms in any reactive/mobile screen. It supports fields dependency.
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The application consists of two modules:

1- DynamicFormsReactive_CS:

Which holds the entities (Form, Section, Field, Option, FieldData, FieldType). It contains wrappers to create, update or delete FieldData. Also it has two public actions to be used from the consumer applications. One (SaveDesignedFormFields) to save the form template design (meta data) and the other (SaveConsumedFormData) is to save the filled data in the form instance. For security reasons (to prevent anonymous access to these actions), the user who wants to consume these actions should have the roles "FormConsumer" and "FormDesigner" which are also exposed to public usage.

2- DynamicFormsReactive:

This module contains the UI part. It has two main blocks, one (DesignForm) to create the form template and add sections and fields to it. The other is "OnlineRunForm" to generate the designed form fields to fill them with data. It support multiple version of the form if we enabled it (each time the form template is updated, the app will create a new version of it with new sections and fields). It also support the offline mode if this used in a mobile app, so you can pass the data directly to "OfflineRunForm" block and renders the form from the input parameter directly if you've already cached the data.

For security reasons, you need to grant two roles to the users who wants to use this component: "FormConsumer" and "FormDesigner". You can do that directly from the built-in /users portal.

For more information, you can watch this video which explains the usage of the component.

What’s new (1.0.9)

- Added a list screen for the form submissions.

- Update the dependencies to the latest version.

Reviews (8)
11 Nov (4 weeks ago)
in version 1.0.9
I was worried when I was reading the system requirement of our new project, so I tried to search for this asset, this helps me big time, thank you for this
4 Nov
in version 1.0.9
Very Useful
by ARS
14 Oct
in version 1.0.9
Thank you Hasan, much appreciated. I'm yet to look at the upgraded implementation but a list screen implementation helps a lot!