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SSE Traditional Client

Stable version 1.1.5 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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SSE Traditional Client

Client Listener for Server-Sent Events (SSE) push streams. *No third parties are required for Server Push/Messaging*
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The SSE Server Hub allows for HTTP Client Requests (through a Rest Expose API) to be persisted for Event Streaming as per protocol1. This is accomplished by switching the mime-type response to the appropriate text/event-stream and flushing the messages complying to the event source format2.

The SSE Client implements the Event Source JS Interface containing the Server Sent Event API, also per protocol3.

Effectively, no third parties are required for Server Push/Messaging.


  • Multiple front-ends/clustered environments are not supported out of the box. Please refer to the docs and demo for a repeater implementation.
  • IOS Native apps are currently not supported

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Release notes (1.1.5)

- Fixed duplicating eventsource initializer when calling ajax submits on blocks containing the SSE. The traditional SSE client now cleans up the previous instance of SSE on that particular block by assigning a unique ID(provided by the SSE block itself)

- Added a visual cue on design time to better know that SSE is being used on a particular screen/block

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in version 1.1.3
Great utility, well thought out.