Stable Version 3.0.9 (O11)
Also available for 10, 9.1
Published on 19 Jun (19 hours ago) by 
Created on 28 June 2016
What’s new (3.0.9)
  • Added support for O11.
  • Optimized OML parsing code (Xif).
  • Optimized TXT log generation.
  • Updated heatmap chart.
  • Renamed "Action" log records to "ServerAction".
Generate development statistics and enable interactive 3D visualization of OutSystems applications.
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OutGource is a tool that creates development statistics of OutSystems applications by analyzing modifications through eSpace versions and generating Gource logs.

The resulting logs can be input into Gource, an OpenGL-based software that enables a 3D visualization of the development process.



  • Monitor and generate logs of your applications automatically.
  • See statistics of each developer that contributed to the applications.
  • Download logs in Gource format for 3D visualization.

Notice: This component takes advantage of private and undocumented Platform APIs, which can change without notice. As a result, this component may unexpectedly break as the Platform is upgraded. We advise proper testing to ensure that your applications continue to work as expected when upgrading/patching the Platform.

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21 Jan
in version 2.0.8
OutGource is a component that can give you very helpful insights on your OutSystems developments!
I already had come across this OutGource component but never had the time to explore it. Today, after watching a presentation on Architecture in OutSystems where this OutGource component was again mentioned I decided to try it.
Easy to install (no dependencies on other components), easy to configure (just select some applications for which to generate logs).
After a while of crunching the logs (the published versions of the espaces) you can have some visual data on your application development, which is, at least, very insightful.
Additionally, it is possible to use the Gource software (that you have to install in your computer, and not in your OutSystems server) to generate an animation of the timeline of the development, by supplying the logs that you can download from OutGource.
I just did a general quick review on the code and it seems to be well structured and implemented.
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This component is not supported by OutSystems. You may use the discussion forums to leave suggestions or obtain best-effort support from the community, including from Caio Santana Magalhães who created this component.
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