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Every customer of a bank must have a way to access/modify his/her personal and financial information. Customer portal is a omnichannel application developed by LTIMindtree caters to above requirement. Customer portal has capability of integrating with various systems. Customer portal also has self service capabilities such as reset password, ipin
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Key benefits
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  • All information, actions can be available under single roof (Portal)
  • Self service options
  • Search on different criteria's
  • Download your statements in Excel/CSV/PDF format
  • Customer Notification on various activities
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Problems Addressed / Key Features
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  • Cloud enabled SaaS application that can handle any number of online customers.
  • Omnichannel support so that customer can access  application via web/mobile.
  • Capable of handling integration with various systems.
  • Built in features used for report downloading
  • Business Process Technologies usage in notifications.

Technical details
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  • Domain driven design
  • Modular/Layered approach
  • Code reusability
  • Extendable/Flexible design
  • Business Process Technology
  • Omnichannel Support
  • Best practices
  • AI Mentor studio verified
  • Minimal usage of Application Objects

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