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Created on 19 October 2017
Integrate an Elasticsearch search engine into your application to obtain results instantly.

This component is not officially supported.

Learn more on the Silk UI Website.
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The Elasticsearch component allows you to integrate the Elasticsearch search engine in your applications.

Elasticsearch is a search engine that stores data in an integrated way. It provides a distributed search mechanism that lets you combine many types of full-text searches and returns results instantly.

The Elasticsearch component contains a block with an input to search a query in the Elasticsearch provider, that then matches and returns a list of results. It also includes an API to control the results and a sample that shows you how to use the component.

You need to establish a connection to the Elasticsearch provider, and then use the API to insert records in your Elasticsearch environment. The block will allow you to perform searches.

The same provider can also be used with the Mobile counterpart of the component, allowing you to display the same results in both Mobile and Web.

It is fully compatible with Silk UI Themes and its customizations.

This component is not officially supported.

Learn more on the Silk UI Website.

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