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Stable Version 1.1.0 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 17 July 2019 by 
Fruit On Out Development Team
Fruit On Out Development Team
Created on 30 January 2019

Email Client

Set your Email Configuration per Espace(s).
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This component is for configuring mail server per Espace(s) and enables you to configure multiple email services per environment instead of only one in ServiceCenter.

The Email Configuration in ServiceCenter will still be the default, but can be overwritten by using this component in specific Espaces.

What’s new (1.1.0)

Added the UI part which was missing from previous versions.

Removed unnecessary dependencies.

Reviews (2)
in version 1.0.0
Doesn't live up to the expectations it builds in the Overview. Uses an extension with a single action (SendEmail) to actually send the email, doesn't rely on the platform's Send Email tool (or underlying system). Screenshots show UI that is not actually available in the application.

The action receives two structures as inputs, the first with all the SMTP settings that will be used to actually send the email, the second one with all the email details, including the body of the email as text.

Seems to be using the MailKit/MimeKit open-source libraries to provide the actual email sending functionality.
in version 1.0.0
1.0.0. This just seems to be more an experiment than something that could be really useful and well maintained.
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This component is not supported by OutSystems. You may use the discussion forums to leave suggestions or obtain best-effort support from the community, including from Fruit On Out Development Team who created this component.
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