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Stable Version 1.0.0 (OutSystems 9)
Published on 27 November 2014 by 
Created on 27 November 2014
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A set of screens for establishing how an work object flows from one state to another, and definition which of your users has access to object and at what state. Security can be assigned as read-only access or read-write access.
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This is add-on functionality that allows you to manage an object through a work-flow.  Each workflow has a series of steps and each step transition from one step to another.  You use a drop-down to explain why a state transition from one state to another.

You can assign workflows to any user assigned to the application.  You should revoke a user's rights to the workflows before deleting them from the application.

These components were originally designed to send an email notification when a given state was reached.  There is data support to identify the email address (called a notifier), but you'll have to implement the actual logic for notification.
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