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Created on 14 December 2014
This is a modification to the MenuJQuery menu system found elsewhere in the the forge. It has 3 major features that are upgrades; support for colors, roles and cpu efficiency by only building the menu once (see below). See the Discussion "How to integrate into your project..." to do just that.
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Upgrades from MenuJQuery:

(1) You can set the menu background, selector background, menu foreground color, selector foreground color.
(1a) menu/selector colors are set in the menu, foreground colors are done with CSS:

.ddsmoothmenu a, .ddsmoothmenu a:link, .ddsmoothmenu a:visited { color: white; }
.ddsmoothmenu a:hover { color: black; }

(2) The system works with roles, so that you can have menu items appear/hide w/o the right role.  

(3) The menu generates once at the start of the session, saving server CPU and making the menu more responsive.  You use it in the HEADER until you are satisfied it's working right, then move the menu call into "On Session Start".

See the ACTION "MakeSampleMenu" for example.  See Discussion "How to integrate into your project".
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