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Cool Data Model Info

Stable version 1.5.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
Uploaded on 22 Apr by 
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Cool Data Model Info

Retrieve detailed information on entities, attributes, and processes in your Outsystems environment.
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This component gathers information on entities, attributes, and processes in your environment. It provides a downloadable overview (including metrics) of your data models. 

Detailed information on the existing entities and attributes is available. For SQL Server, the space taken up by each entity/table is calculated. For Oracle, space usage is calculated for binary attributes only.

For each BPT process, the number of processes (per status) is reported.

What’s new (1.5.0)

In the majority of Outsytems environments, users are identified by Tenant_Id and Username. However, this is not enforced by database constraints, making it possible to create 'duplicate' users programatically. These are different records in the user table (each with their own unique id) but with the same Tenant and Username.

Previous versions of this component already included an high level overview of the number of duplicates. In this version the option to report detailed information on those duplicates is added. When the option is checked the resulting spreadsheet will have a populated tab 'UserUniqunessDetail' with the details (TenantId, Username, Name, etc) of duplicate users.

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