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SENSE-Making is a solution that helps identify informal leaders who can influence change and gain insights into stakeholder perceptions. Leveraging predictive analytics based on extensive performance research, we enrich the employee experience and engagement to successfully drive transformation.
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Key benefits
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  • Identify frontline key influencers
  • Benchmark the organization on how the transformation initiative is perceived
  • Drive change successfully
Problems Addressed / Key Features
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Only one in four transformation projects is successful. The most critical factor in success is gaining insight into stakeholder perceptions about impending change.

Technical details
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Identify and leverage key influencers as “change catalysts”

In fact, we rely on key influencers, who often are referred to as “super-connectors”, to lead successful change and workforce transformation. By conducting an Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), we identify these key influencers for purposes of communicating change within their informal networks.

ONA is a quantitative method for modeling and analyzing how communications, information, decisions, and resources flow through an organization. SENSE-making is “the action or process of making sense of or giving meaning to something, especially new developments and experiences.”

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