Service Studio on Mac

Hi Guys,

I'm having issues selecting actions and windows in the tree listing on the right using Windows 8 under Parallels (Mac OS)
Anyone has the same issue and perhaps a fix?


I've just found a fix.
Seems like either:
- Parallels
- ServiceStudio
- Windows 8
- Dotnet 3.5

can't really handle the retina resolution.
I'm forcing Windows 8 to scale now which seems to fix the issue.

If you folks out there are using Service Studio on a MacBook by running a VM, I imagine you might have run into issues navigating Service Studio.

If you are using VMWare Fusion 6 I have good news: you no longer have to buy magnifying glasses. Just go to the settings dialog for your VM and disable the option "Use full resolution for Retina display"


After you do this, go back to your Windows VM and change the DPI to 100%:


Now the Windows VM will inherit the resolution from your Mac, and icons will be much bigger.


HI eric, how did you forced Win8 to do that?
Hi Pedro,

Actually I have no idea anymore.
Pretty stupid that I didn't elaborate my comment cos now I can't replicate this anymore.
Running Windows 10 and no Outsystems currently...

Good luck finding the answer.

Here is a topic explaining the problem and how to fix it in windows 8:

João Rosado