[ECT Server for Rally] Installation Instructions

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Published on 2015-06-09 by João Pedro Abreu
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Published on 2015-06-09 by João Pedro Abreu
ECT Server for Rally allows you to manage ECTs in Rally, as Defects. To benefit from this integration your Rally Edition should include Defect Management capabilities.

ECT Server for Rally Installation

You should publish ECT Server for Rally in a stable environment of your infrastructure (e.g. if in your QA environment you periodically refresh the database with production data, you might not want to have the ECT Server for Rally component there. If you don’t take precautions, you might lose ECT information previously recorded). We recommend you to publish it in the same environment where you have Lifetime.

Next, you must configure the site properties below (check each site property description for further instructions):
  • ECTRallyIntegration eSpace:  RallyDefaultWorkspacerefRallyServiceURL and RallyValidWorkspaces;
  • ECTRallyConnector eSpace:  DefaultECTUser and ServerAddress.

Finally, follow the steps presented in the ECT Server for Rally Overview.

Rally Configuration

In Rally create the following Custom Fields, in the work item “Defect” (Workspace Admin or Subscription Adminprivileges needed):
Field Name (mandatory) Display Name (recommended) Type (mandatory)
EnviromentName Environment Name String
eSpace eSpace String
Screen Screen String
UserEmail User Email String
UserName User Name String
You can also create a Defect custom view with these fields:

For further information on how to create work items please consult Rally help: