ECT Server for Rally

Stable Version 1.5.0 (O9)
Also available for 8, 7
Published on 09 June 2015 by 
Created on 12 April 2013
Integrate user feedback, submitted via App Feedback (formerly know as ECT), directly into Rally projects.
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IT teams around the world using the OutSystems Platform to develop, manage and change enterprise web and mobile applications benefit from App Feedback (formerly know as ECT).
App Feedback allows QA team members and business users to easily provide feedback directly on running applications, automatically providing all the required information to the development team.

This integration component allows you to integrate the user’s feedback directly into a Rally project, immediately creating change requests filled with the entire context provided by the business users. This increases collaboration between business and IT, fostering a true agile process.
  • Synchronize feedback to Rally as defects;
  • Define rules to map feedback from different environments and/or applications to different Rally projects.


For versions 1.4.0 and older:
  • ECT Client Connector - forward ECT feedback to a specific project management tool;
  • ardoHTTP - perform HTTP requests;
  • ardoJSON - generic extension for serializing and deserializing Outsystems values into and out of JSON.
For version 1.5.0:
  • All the previous dependencies plus...
  • ECT Server Connector - gather feedback from different environments.
  • Crypto AES - AES encryption and decryption.
What’s new (1.5.0)
  • Decoupled the ECT Server Connector component from this application. Now it is a dependency.
  • Decoupled the Crypto extension from this application. Now it is a dependency.
  • Supports the new version of App Feedback, lauched with Outsystems Platform 9.0.23.
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