Elastic Search on your Couch(DB) [...or how to use NoSQL, JSON and RESTful APIs]

Hi everyone,

I've been recently involved in a project that integrates with a NoSQL engine (CouchDB) and a full-text search technology (Elastic Search) - all done with extensive use of RESTful web APIs and JSON data representation. These kinds of technologies have been growing tremendously in terms of popularity for a while, and since they haven't been the focus of much of a talk lately (except for a few brave folks here and there) I'd be happy to share with you how to handle them with the greatest of the tools ;)

So I'm booking a live streaming Google Hangout OnAir, for next Thursday 17th Oct, at 3pm GMT to show you how simple this can be done. Please vote here to know if we will have at least a good bunch of participants for the session. I'll be posting the link when the webinar starts. And there will be a recording as well, for those who could not attend.

Hi Pedro,

I'm interested in learning more about Elastic Search. Count me in!

I'm also in! Thank you Pedro

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Hi folks,

I'm very happy to know we have more than 10 people interested in the webinar. We're thus going to use a Webex meeting so that everyone can watch it live. All you need is click this link when joining: http://tinyurl.com/os-integrate-nosql-json-rest [edit: link no longer available, webinar finished]

Remember: webinar is set to start tomorrow, Thursday 17th Oct, at 3pm GMT, live on Webex.
The session should take about 20 minutes but can extend a few more during the Q&A part.

See you soon!

Hi there,

Thank you all who joined the webinar. We got very interesting questions.
Here's the whole recording (29min): http://www.youtube.com/embed/nV6ZGCRy4Sw

The demo component used in this webinar has been published to Forge at http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/462/golddigger/  

Have fun!!
A standalone CouchDB Connector component has just been shared in Forge. Have fun!
Hi Pedro,

Just found this article on how Optimizing Elasticsearch Searches:

Hope it's useful for those that followed this thread!