Debugger is not working

The debugger is not working. Don't have return values.
The debugger was not work in the intern netwrok. The debugger work in external network.
The motive is Proxy. How to do enable the debugger to work in the internal network? What's the produre?

Hello Marcos,

Please take a look on the following links:

If you have some sort of anti-virus programs running, stop them. they could be obstructing and bloking some requests.

To have an eSpace debugger working on an eSpace, you have to make sure all web requests are being done to the PTA of the eSpace. This means that all accesses are done to the URL http://<YOUR_SERVER>/<YOUR_USERNAME>/.... .

Or, you can debug on the public area, are you aware of these 2 diferences?

Proxy should not be a problem, try connect in ServiceStudio using the servername or the ip of your server and debug, instead using the dns name.

Hope it helps you.
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Daniel Martins
Starting on OutSystems Platform and, there's a new setting that might help if your debugger is not working properly.
Check out this post.