[Discovery] Documentation on how to use Discovery

[Discovery] Documentation on how to use Discovery

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Published on 30 Nov (14 days ago) by João Rafael Capucha
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Published on 30 Nov (14 days ago) by João Rafael Capucha
Hi. Is there any kind of documentation (tutorial, help, video, webinar, etc) on how to use Discovery? Something like "Discovery for dummies". I've search the community and the Outsystems YouTube channel but found none. Thanks.
Hi Tiago,

There is the NextStep presentation for the tool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Geugzq6i9HE. It does not cover the application canvas part as it was released later. 

Let me check with Francisco if we have some documentation for the canvas part...

Hi Lúcio. I've already seen that presentation sometime ago. It's very good presentation of the Discovery tool but it's not an "How to use Discovery" presentation. Thanks.
Is there any guide on how to use Discovery tool?

The easy one:

1. create a snapshot
2. click on the snapshot
3. look in every tab how it looks, check for cyclic references etc.
4. in Module canvas, select the application you want to investigate, sort
  check/uncheck the different modules in what layer it supposed to be.
look for warnings and fix the accordingly.

that's the great thing on discovery, it's a handy tool where you can toy around :)