Problem sending emails through Personal edition

I am using Personal Edition v8.0.1.7 am having trouble with Send Email.  From poking around in the Service Center, I can see under Monitoring > Emails that I have all 7 emails each with status Pending (oldest one is 20 hours old).  Over on Monitoring > Environment Health, in the top row which I'm guessing should have all green ticks, there is an exclamation mark under Scheduler.  Hovering over that shows:

"Warning: Email Processor (Email id 2) is in Status Processing for 581 seconds which exceeds the 27 seconds warning threshold"

Under Administration > Email I've tried two different SMTP servers and a couple of Default Sender Email values (both of which are valid addresses).  Up until a couple of hours ago, I did have the outsystems-provided Cases eSpace running which included the Email eSpace, which kept showing errors about "CasesEmailUser" (or something - eSpace now deleted so I can no longer see those errors) which I could not fix (even with a valid email address, but that's another story).

So my questions:
  1. Should the Send Email action work in the Personal Edition?
  2. If so, what should I be doing next to try and get the scheduler to send them out?
Thanks in advance,
Nic Townsend
Hi Nic!

The Send Email action should indeed work on the personal environment. I'll take a look at what's preventing your emails from going out and post an update here.

Hi Nic!

To understand better what can be your problem, can you share the settings of the Email Configuration, mainly the SMTP Server and SMTP Port.

Hi Davide and David,

Thanks for the replies.  Re the SMTP settings, I originally used / 465 for the first few emails (7 are queued).  From my recollection I then changed it to my iiNet account ( / <no port number>) for the last couple of emails.

When I looked just now, they were back to with port of 587.  This is interesting, as I received this morning (I'm in Australia) warnings of overnight suspicious activity on my gmail account with attempted sign-ins from an IP address in Germany.  I'm hoping this activity was someone in Outsystems support doing some testing of this problem using my gmail settings.  In any case, the access was blocked by Google.

I have now reset the SMTP settings to the iiNet values.

Rather than continuing to wait for some response from Outsystems, is it possible for me to delete the emails from the queue and start again?

Hello again,

Curiouser and curiouser!  In the last 2 hours (while I was off doing the washing up, as it happens), my queued up emails have now arrived in the relevant inboxes, and their status in Service Center > Monitoring > Emails now show as Sent.

So, I'll count this as good, even though I have no idea just what made them work.  I'm in the midst of refactoring my code.  When I get back up to testing emails again, if I have more problems, I'll submit a new thread.

Thanks again for your help.
Hi Nic,

For sending emails via gmail you will have to set the port value to 587. We changed it for you (in Service Center) and I'm guessing it was during that short time period that the emails went out. ;)

Hi again,

Just to finish this off - I think the thing that "fixed" the problem was using a non-Gmail SMTP server.  It was only after I reset this to iiNet (my local ISP) that the emails were sent.

I suspect there might be a problem using Gmail for those who do not live in Europe.  I received errors to my Google account saying there was attempted access (blocked by Google) from an IP address which was way outside the normal range of locations from which I usually log in.

Hi Nic (and future readers),

To make sure everyone has a good experience sending emails from their personal environment I've prepared a small post explaining how to get started:

@Nic, thanks for sharing the obstacles you encountered!

Hi Guys,

I also already send Davide a personal message. I have the same problem only I'm sure the problem is not in the smtp server because we tested the configuration in a different cloud environment. Sending emails was working for a while till 7 days ago. It stopt working and the scheduler has a error message:

Warning: Email processor (Email id:4) is in status processing 6090273 seconds witch exceeds the 27 seconds warning treshold (90% of 30 seconds timer timeout definition)

If there is someone who wants to help me I would be very grateful!
After contacting the OS support they did some magic and now it works again :) THNX OS
Can someone look at my personal environment ? I have tried several configs using gmail/yahoo/hotmail on various ports 25/465/587. All the time it says pending. 
Hello Mark,

If you stil have this problem, may I suggest you upgrade your personal cloud environment to This version includes a fix to prevent the email problems.

You can upgrade your personal cloud environment please check the article Upgrade a personal environment to the latest version.

Let me know if you still have email sending issues after the upgrade.