Referencing the resources in application

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         I want to add a wsdl in resources and want to add that wsdl in the webreference for web-services like file:////something. So If I create a target directory with name WSDL and the file name in abc.xml. How can I access that in the web-services ?


Can you please clarify a little bit more exactly what you are trying to accomplish? We might be able to help more if you can give us context about the problem you're trying to solve.

I have a wsdl with xsd:anytype and its not working with outsystems. If I change the types to xsd:string, it starts to work. As I am not the owner of the web-service, I want to change the wsdl and save it as a resource locally and use that resource as address rather than giving the url of the web-service. 
          Did I explain myself correctly ?


Check out this thread about web references and local WSDL's. For this scenario, you don't need to use the WSDL as a local resource. You need to import it and then change the runtime reference, or change the web service URL in service center

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In the first link that you provided it mentions "On design time, you can just access the webreference with a browser and save the wsdl to the disk, and then add the webreference from there.", this is exactly what I am trying to do. I saved the wsdl on the disk but I thought rather than maintaining the wsdl myself on all the servers , if I add it in the resources then I won't have to hard-code the location of the file.

You said "You need to import it and then change the runtime reference", I imported it and now the wsdl option is greyed out so It can not be changed. Do you mean "SetWebReferenceURL" action of enhanced web-services when you said change the runtime reference ? 

All I want to do is to get the root folder of the application and then I can reference the resource as file:///rootfolder/targetdirectoryname/filename in the setwebrefereneceurl method.
No need to have the WSDL follow you around. Once imported, all it matters is the runtime end point. 

So 1) import it using the local WSDL file and then 2) change the runtime web reference for the end point (you don't care about the definition later) using service center - this is the second link I sent. 
So if the end-point address is the same for all servers, then option 1 should be sufficient.

How can we get the count for uploaded files in resources with in directory in outsystems.   

Have any complete example so that i get all functionality related resource.