SAP Netweaver Gateway Integration

SAP Netweaver Gateway Integration


I am new to the forum, a big hello to all of you! Has anyone integrated SAP data using the rest services from SAP Netweaver gateway.

They do follow a set style and pattern, so was wondering if it was easy to integrate with outsystems.

Hi Ganesh!

Welcome to our forums and sorry for the late reply.

Yes, it is possible to integrate data via the SAP Netweaver gateway REST apis, but first of all you need to know the services you are integrating with.

You need to read the rest service documentation and effectively test it using a tool to do HTTP requests. Google chrome has great extensions to do that, such as Advanced Rest Client.
Take particular attention to the format of requests and response: if there is a chance to choose between JSON and XML, go for JSON because it will be far more simple.

After that you can use the ardoJSON extension to build your requests and parse responses, together with the ardoHTTP extension to perform the HTTP requests.

Next week at NextStep we will show big news regarding REST services.
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