Developing with OutSystems Platform for non-windows users

Developing with OutSystems Platform for non-windows users

Hi all!

From time to time we receive requests from people that aren't using the Windows operative system but really want to try and use the OutSystems Platform. Our suggestion (and the one OutSystems staff also uses) is to use virtualization software such as VMWareParallels or VirtualBox and develop within a Windows VM.

So far, the only know issue when developing on a VM is this one:

Have fun developing and let us know if you encounter any issues / other suggestions!

Hi Davide, do you know if there anyone has tried Ubuntu using Wine? 
Hi Craig! Yes, I and others have explored installing the .NET framework using Wine and Winetricks but in the end the development environment dependency on WPF was a blocker.
I seriously think you need to have either a web-based system or at least a mac version. In this day and age of the cloud, asking a developer to work within Windows or using VMWare is quite ridiculous chaps.
@Manu, suggesting ways how people can use the OutSystems Platform isn't ridiculus at all, it's just plain helpful! :)
Please give it a try and see for yourself why we get out of our way to help non-Windows folks use it. ;)
Hmm, I guess I missed the bit about having to use Windows (or a simulator) when I was reviewing the description ... 
I understand we need to have a windows pc to create an application. Will the apps created run on windows machines only?
No, all applications created by Outsystems are web applications.  Any reasonably current browser on any platform will be able to use the application you created.
No Mac version available? I will not even try any further, but just continue searching for a different vendors app...
Any roadmap available showing when developing with a Mac will be supported ?!
How does the VMWare announcement help? Will there be a virtual desktop that is cloud based?
Unfortunately we do not yet have visibility over when OutSystems Platform's development environment will be available on Mac. Porting it is a big endeavour and, even though we're moving in that direction, at this moment there is not much info we can provide. 

Please bear in mind that this applies only to the Platform's visual development environment, a lightweight piece of software that connects to your cloud environment. You applications can still be deployed in/to the cloud or on-premises, over a Windows or Linux based stack.

PS: Sent from my MacBook that runs the OutSystems Platform on a daily basis. :)

Thanks Goncalo, I understand the complexity of creating Service Studio for Mac but as a Mac User I'de like to run Service Studio in the cloud on a vitual desktop. My question was, does the VMWare "alliance" help this in any way?  

Many of us here are Mac users. There are indeed some interesting options that our partnership with VMware creates, but it is too early to discuss.

I've been running service studio on a mac all this time :) but indeed it be more efficient to run it natively without having to boot up parallels desktop!
Has anyone used Visrtual Box from Oracle to run OneSystems platform? Any comments?
I've used VirtualBox to run the development environment from a machine with Ubuntu. No issues.
I used it on a Mac for a year or so. Big issue I had was that if you switched desktops while certain screens were preparing to open, but not yet open, (like add/remove references, or merge) it could get "stuck" with the base window on one desktop and the new window on another desktop.

I have a Mac - goodbye.
This is painful and hypocritical. It is painful because I was certain I had found the answer to my problms.

It is hypocritical because the software is so flexible and responsive to different front-ends.
I have mac machine and i prepared application using web verison. But now when i am creating another application its not showing me web version option. Is it possible or not.

Hi Rekha,
The web version is a very experimental option we are providing only for new users, and it has several limitations that do not make sense for continuos use.
I would strongly reccomend you to install the full version on a windows environment (e.g. using parallels or remote desktoping to a machine in the cloud) to continue your work.
Tiago Simões
I've been using outsystems on a mac since outsystems platform 5.0. I use parallel desktop, no issues here :)
There's an experimental Web version of Service Studio?

Hi Justin,

It's just an experiment we've been running for new users, that actually is a remote desktop to a windows machine. This version has several limitations (time, only one eSpace at a time, etc...).

Tiago Simões
Web based development environment is Windows only. Is this some kind of joke? :)
Hi Markus,

It is not windows only, in fact quite the opposite it is there mainly so people with macs can evaluate it. I'll PM you to understand problems you are facing.

Tiago Simões

Sounded too good to be true! Haven't used Windows since 1996 and I'm not going to for you! :-)

Best wishes and bye bye.

Please add Not for Mac on your homepage! 

Sorry, I'm a Mac user too.

Don't feel like developing in a virtual environment :(

What??? No Mac support? Moving on....