platform is not working - should I reinstall it ?

platform is not working - should I reinstall it ?

Hi Guys,
  I am receiving the message below when I try to publish my application. Someone has some tip ?
Internal Error
Environment Fault: Unable to contact OutSystems Deployment Controller Service. Please make sure this service is running on 'localhost' to obtain licensing information.
Checking the environment page there is this message on top "There seems to be a problem with your license" besides to a button "See Details". After press this button an error tab appears. How can I check/fix this ?
Same problem here Luciano...
Hi Luciano and Brian,

It seems that you installed the OutSystems Platform on your own computer, and one of the services is stopped.
Check the Windows Services, and search for "OutSystems Deployment Controller".
If that service is stopped, right-click and start the service. This might fix your problem.

If you are trying the OutSystems Platform for the first time, I would suggest doing it on the cloud. This way, you would only need to install the development environment, and don't have to worry about database, services, and all that stuff.
Same problem here using the cloud platform...
   believe or not the platform is working well now. It seems magic but I believe that yesterday there were problems in Amazon environment.
  I checked and did not see the OutSystems controller on Windows service. I am using the environment available at cloud. Anyway, thanks for the support.

Hi all,

The issues you experienced are due to the outage we experienced today (should have linked that sooner, sorry!) The good news is that your personal environments should now be up and running.

I'd like to apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.