Hi guys,

I'm struggling using the EditableTable widget.
I'm trying to use it but I don't have buttons to delete or Edit rows. How can I call the events "On Row Delete" and "On Row Save"?

Hélder Anselmo
To edit I just press the line. When the line is in edition mode (labels change to inputs) you'll see three icons:
-save changes
-cancel changes
-delete line
Hi Helder,
Did you manage to find and use the buttons?

Best regards,
Vasco Pessanha

While using the ‘editable table’ widget we experienced:

- that an error on a field of the row that is being edited doesn’t disappear after correcting the input and can overwrite the next field.

- that when you change a field and leave the row without saving or cancelling, the changed value is still visible. It seems to be updated, but no update is done. Is it possible to give a message if you leave a row after a change that’s not committed?

Why are the update en delete action of the editable table not automatically generated? The content of these actions can be different for each table, but the action itself can be made at creation of the editable table.

Kind regards,
Gert Kruijthoff

Hello Gert,
Thanks for the feedback!

If I understood correctly, the first bug you mentioned should not be visible in the Beta2.

Regarding the second one, what do you mean with "leave the row without saving"? You can only edit one row at a time, and it will be in edit mode (with save/cancel buttons) until you do something about it. I think I'm missing something..

Finally, we don't generate the actions automatically because you may not want to use the delete feature for example.. having an action would send an unnecessary request to the server. Despite this, we will work on improving this widget's usability, making more obvious that you need to fullfill the events, and consider how can we help you filling those actions. 

Keep the feedback comming!

Best Regards,
Vasco Pessanha
Hello Vasco,

With the new version installed I now can't leave a row without save/cancel or delete. Last week it was possible to do that. So this is solved :)

KInd regards,
Gert Kruijthoff
Glad to know!
Please, keep giving us feedback..

Best Regards,
Vasco Pessanha
Hello Vasco,

An update on the previous post. I can leave the row without using the cancel/save/delete button by using a <tab> in the last field of the row. The next row comes in edit-mode and an change in the previous record is saved.
Yes, you can.
Using the <Tab> and <Enter> keys, you can really bulk edit only using the keyboard. This way, when you press one of these keys in the last input of the row it saves that row and starts editing the new one.

I've reported my "problems" with Editable table here: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/12515/editable-table-issue/

Did you experience the same?