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Published on 16 Jul (3 weeks ago) by Rebecca Hall
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Published on 16 Jul (3 weeks ago) by Rebecca Hall
I'm trying to use the ClickableRows, but I'm not having much luck.   Could someone load a simple OML showing how to use this component?

I'm working on an example that I will post shortly.  Thanks for your patience.
I can get the row to click, but it always takes me to a 404 page not found.  I can't seem to figure out the targetlink piece.

Any help is appreciated.

Yeah, I'm getting the same error.  I will let you know as soon as I figure it out unless someone beats me to it.  :)
I just figured it out.  The description says " Makes table row clickable from first table row link. You need a row with the class name "clickable" and a single anchor link called "targetlink". "  It doesn't matter what you name the link, what matters is the style/class applied to it.  You need a link in the row with a style set to "targetlink" - you can either do this with an anchor link or creating a link anywhere in the row.

Ultimately, I had place the clickablerow webblock somewhere on the page, then set the extended properties for the row in the table (Name 1 = class, Value 1 = "clickable") as follows:

Then I had to create a link on a cell in the row and set it's style to targetlink as follows (I used an anchor link from essentials, but you could use any link):

Hopefully this might help someone else :-)

OK, next problem - if I sort the table or search to change the results, clickable stops working.

Any ideas?

It sounds like it is redrawing the table so you will need to do an ajax refresh on the clickable rows widget as well to rebind the objects.
I should have known that one - but I was drawing a blank - Thank you, that was it!


I think clickablerows could be improved, by just providing the tableid and columnnumber where the link resides?

hmm, then again, you are missing the possibility of styling...