Outsystems Java stack - missing core features?

Outsystems Java stack are missing the following


Essential core features

  • Cache (Database, Actions, WebScreens)
  • SEO Friendly URL
  • Auto upgrade upon deployment/publication^

ServiceCenter missing configuration features

  • Certificates
  • Database Catalogs
  • Phones

When can we expect the essential core missing features? Is there a schedule? 

^Auto upgrade upon deployment/publication, this is a must have feature, however it could not be implemented on the JAVA server due to technical issues, there are specific 3rd party libraries that rely on the .NET framework to perform upgrades. My suggestion to solve this issue is to set up a "Windows Build Host" where code OML, XIF files are first sent to a "Windows Build Host", the "Windows Build Host" server will then auto update the files and push them on to the Java designated stack server. If you want full technical details on how to design and implement this solution and solve this issue once and for all! just ask!
Hi Robert,
Indeed some capabilities do not exist in the Java stack in the same fashion they do in the .Net stack, but there are alternative ways to fullfil the same result (e.g. java cache extension, reverse proxies, ...).
We're on top of these requirements and differences between stacks, and constantly evaluating how important they are to our customer base, or how the alternatives solutions match up. As with everything, it is not a technically challenging issue for our rock star engineering team :-), instead a transparent roi decision, when wheighted with other platform roadmap items vs the reduced impact out of the alternatives we have for these features.
I'd also ask you and our community to refer and vote on the ideas that mention these specific needs: as they will definitely gives us a good indication of how important simplifying these capabilities in the java stack - as opposed to the alternatives we currently have - are for our entire developer base.


Thanks for the response.

Its going to be hard for the community to vote for JAVA features, since there isnt many outsystems customers using the JAVA stack, most outsystems customers use the .NET stack, this includes outsystems!

We are using the Java stack, and for us this is really an issue.
We'd like to deploy different applications and/or functional parts to different database schemas.
Now OutSystems makes a bit of a mess of it, with all user tables mixed up with OutSystems internal stuff. Ouch!
So yes, please, implement the different catalogs in the Java stack!

Also the certificates. We are building an multi tenant application that requires separate certificates for each tenant, so this is really a serious problem!!

I have also replied on caching (http://www.outsystems.com/ideas/1403/add-caching-feature-to-java-stack), with the heavy loads we expect this may become crucial.