Is my account a free trail version for 30 days

Is my account a free trail version for 30 days

Hi All,

I just started using outsystems and I learned  a lot of things in the software. I have couple of questions:

1) Will I have to pay after 30-days in order to keep using the account?

2) Is it possible to export the program created by Outsystems and put it in Apple or Google Store?

3) Can I create a mobile app where visitors can register from the app and use it?

4) If the answer of question one is no. (I have read in the website that the minimum subscription account costs $1650/month could you please clarify?) 
Hi Hamad,

1) There is no trial period limit.The personal edition but it has some limitations (expecially since its a cloud based resource shared system).
You can read more around in the foruns about the differences with the Enterprise editons.
Here a link for the FAQ and a useful topics regarding the subject:

2) If you search the forum for OutSystems Now you will find alot of information about the mobile app that is already "out-of-the-box" ready in the Apple and Android stores.

The generic version allows to connect to any environment (it asks for the enviroment name at the start), but it is open source so you can customize the Image, Name, remove the choose environment step, or any other customization you want and then publish your own app in the stores.

3) It's your app, you can do anything on it.
(Actually, I'm not sure, but I think the default OutSystems Now version always asks for a login at the start, but if you customize it if necessary)

4) The answer was no, so you won't "have to" pay, but the Enterprise editions has advantages as explained on the above links. If you are interested It would be good to enter in contact directly, ask for a quote and more information. That is still also free  :)

João Rosado