[Html2PdfConverter] Header footer problems missing help!

[Html2PdfConverter] Header footer problems missing help!

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Published on 23 Jun by Guilherme Pereira
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Published on 23 Jun by Guilherme Pereira
Hi there,

For a while now I'm building reports with the Html2Pdf convert.
Everything works fine with the google fonts etc.
Only printing headers and footers is realy a problem!

I use the following OtherArgs:
"--encoding utf8 --page-size A4 -L 10 -R 10 --header-html "+Site.EnvironmentUrl+"BalansHeader.aspx --footer-html "+Site.EnvironmentUrl+"BalansFooter.aspx"
The result a page with a header and no footer:
Did you leave enough space for your header and footer?
Can you explain a bit more, in the screenshot you see a almost empty page right?
freek wrote:
Can you explain a bit more, in the screenshot you see a almost empty page right?
you can try to set the arguments "-T 30mm - B 30mm". I think you need more space for your header and footer.

Hello all.

Advice: Check the wkhtmltopdf.exe version which you are using. Also, the OS version (using Windows 10, for instance) might have impact.

Recently I have been struggling with. Cannot seem to get Header and Footer to work...

Turns out it has to do with the wkhtmltopdf tool it self.

Version: "wkhtmltopdf (with patched qt)"

Result: Header and footer works.

Version: "wkhtmltopdf 0.13.0-alpha-7b36694" (which is the Windows (MinGW-w64) and the only one that can be used in a cloud environment (Personal or Enterprise) as indicated in the FAQ of Html2PdfConverter. Link: http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/17923/html2pdfconverter-faq/)

Result: Header and footer DON'T work!


Running "wkhtmltopdf.exe -V" in a command line in Windows 10:

Qt: Untested Windows version 10.0 detected!
wkhtmltopdf 0.13.0-alpha-7b36694

Alpha version of wkhtmltopdf is not finished and it currently does not support header and footer (post date 2016-04-29): https://github.com/wkhtmltopdf/wkhtmltopdf/issues/2916

Version (the most recent, stable, with MinGW) has Header and Footer working.

You can download it from this link in the official wkhtmltopdf downloads page: http://download.gna.org/wkhtmltopdf/0.12/

I used "wkhtmltox-" (64 bit), extracted/installed, and then install/uploaded in my personal cloud environment, and it is working, for example with the following extra arguments:

--footer-line --footer-center "Hello World! [page]/[topage]"

Hello everyone!

I'm using the latest version of wkhtmltox and I still have problems with the header. Sometimes generates the pdf with the header in only one random page, other times it doesn't show the header at all..


Can anyone see why this won't work? I'm pretty sure I've had page numbering working using the WhereToAddPageNumbers argument, but this doesn't seem to work so I tried:

"-B 30mm --footer-center [page]/[toPage] --header-html " + Site.SiteURL + "OutputHeader.aspx?CaseId=" + CaseId

No footer - header is fine.

Help would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Trish

Try  [page]/[toPage]  -->  [page]/[topage]

kobe Liu wrote:

Try  [page]/[toPage]  -->  [page]/[topage]

I'm afraid no luck - but thank you

Trish Tye wrote:

kobe Liu wrote:

Try  [page]/[toPage]  -->  [page]/[topage]

I'm afraid no luck - but thank you

Hello Trish,

Which version of the binaries are you using? I had the same problem, downloaded and uploaded the 12.3.2 one and its working now : )

Best regards