eSpace incompatible

eSpace incompatible

Suddenly all my espace modules are outdated, with the warning: "This eSpace module has outdated references that are incompatible. You should open the eSpace module and publish it."
Even if I open all of them from Producers to Consumers, and avoiding cyclic dependecies at all, it keeps incompatible... See the image attached.
I've tried to create a new project, from scratch, but it keeps warning..
Is it a bug in version 9?
Hi João,

What version are you in?
There is an issue that can cause that message in versions from It is fixed in
It can be caused by the "Delete old eSpace versions" feature. Republishing Service Center and System Components should fix it.

Also, it is just a wrong warning message. There is no runtime impact.

João Rosado
Thanks for the reply João.

It makes sense... I've used "Delete old eSpace versions" feature recently.

But I installed the Development Environment version yesterday and the warning remains.

And how could I republish Service Center and System Components on Personal Environment?
I just realized that the personal environment is still running on version of platform. So I will wait for the upgrade.

Do you have plans for an upgrade on personal environments?

Hi João,

Regarding the upgrade of personal environments, you can now control/request an upgrade through LifeTime. Read this post:
I asked the upgrade and it's ok now..

Thank you.