[Html2PdfConverter] Resfull Service

[Html2PdfConverter] Resfull Service

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Published on 2016-03-24 by Guilherme Pereira
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Published on 2016-03-24 by Guilherme Pereira
Hi Guys,

Has anyone tried to create a rest web service that returns a pdf(binary) with the Html2PdfConverter?
I seem to be having an issue, i'm getting in my output parameters Error = True and binary empty.
I have the same implementation without using Rest web services and it seems to be working fine.

Any suggestions will be appreciated 

Using Outsystems

I have tried the same implementation with SOAP and it seems to be working fine.

REST:  https://capsuline.outsystemscloud.com/WS/rest/Google/pdf
SOAP: https://capsuline.outsystemscloud.com/WS/google.asmx?wsdl

Yeah, I got the same issue. Maybe it got something to do with the nature of REST calls vs. SOAP? Perhaps, Html2PdfConverter did not enable REST support? Don't know, all assumptions here.

But would like to know more.
According to Outsystems R&D its a platform issue that is related to the REST Services. They are working on a solution for this.
Any news on this issue? My POC (without REST) works OK, with REST i'm getting Error = True and binary empty.