Deleted Application Still Displays in LifeTime

We have a locally hosted OutSystems setup, with 3 environments.  
The production environment has 2 front ends.

We've cleaned up the production environment, and removed some applications that were no longer needed via Service Center, but LifeTime still shows them as deployed to the production environment.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Hi Tom,

I have seen another user with similar issue. I guess there is something that needs some tuning when deleting applications.

It might be a synchronization issue. Check this thread:
I believe that there currently is a problem when you delete applications via Service Center. This isn't being immediately propagated to LifeTime. If you had deleted the application using Service Studio, you should've seen the application immediately deleted in LifeTime.

However, you shouldn't worry too much about this, as this is merely a information propagation issue. LifeTime periodically synchronizes data a 4 AM, so after that you should see the application as deleted.