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Published on 7 Jun by Diogo Pires
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Published on 7 Jun by Diogo Pires
im using twilo connector but i am getting error at 'Messgae_SendMessage' action saying No credentials provided
even after passing all the credentials . i want some more info about credentials to be passed .

what is the 'StatusCallBack' property and what addres i can provide there ?
also send me details about fields mention in attached image . if i get any sample it will be much better to understand.

Please respond me on it. 

Thank You !

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Hello Pankaj,
In the connector, there's an espace with the steps you need to take to configure the connector properly for your account. Were you able to follow those?
Hello again,

About the Media URl, you can read on the input description:

The URL of the media you wish to send out with the message. gif , png and jpeg content is currently supported and will be formatted correctly on the recipient's device. Other types are also accepted by the API. If you wish to send more than one image in the message body, please provide multiple MediaUrl values in the POST request.

Status call back has also some description on it

A URL that Twilio will POST to each time your message status changes to one of the following: failed, sent, delivered, or undelivered. Twilio will POST the MessageSid along with the other standard request parameters as well as MessageStatus and ErrorCode.

About the example espace, the only one I have is the Twilio Connector demo, available inside the Twilio Connector app. You have it installed if you downloaded and installed the app from Forge.

On that old Twilio version, I think you're better off with the new one.

Pedro Cardoso

Hello Pedro,

Yeah acually because of existing old version new version  was not installed properly so i did not get Twill Connector Demo eSpace. now i removed both and install new again and i am able to send message.

i have one doubt suppose i am using ' +1 658-445-223' as default sender for twilo so can i store received messages on this number inside table ?

to my understanding table 'TwiloInboundMessage' in twilo is for same purpose, but it seems that it is not storing received messages on this number 
Hello again,

It seems that we're not using that table to store the messages, but you can easily acheve it in your own flow.
Thanks for reply. 

yeah i can achieve that in system but my question is how can i track receiving mesages on this number ?..
where i can pass insertion action on this table ?.

because what i am doing is i am tracking both ongoing and receiving messages on this no coz i want to show them in List .

for sending part i'm done but for receiving not able to track receiving messages .


In mobile app Im using twilio message for sending OTP  message. Once the OTP is received to the mobile it should automatically read that OTP  then assign that OTP in the input field. Pls suggest  any possible solutions.