[Silk UI Web] Full release notes

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Published on 2018-10-04 by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 2018-10-04 by OutSystems R&D
We should have access to full release notes.

Having something like "Solved Issues (...) And 24 more issues" doesn't help.
I've reported many problems and I need to know exactly what was fixed, improved and what is still pending.

1) Add a section in http://labs.outsystems.net/Silkui for release notes, with all the full release notes history of Silk UI.

2) SilkUI could have an open issue management system. All the reported issues should be visible and classified by a status (accepted, rejected, fixed, in progress, planned for version XX, ...) and with milestones.
Like Atlassian Jira, Launchpad, Codeplex, Github, ...

Something like this:

Hi, Carlos. Thank you once again for the feedback.

This does make a lot of sense, and we may not be far from this vision, as this information already exists internally. Let us see what we can do in this area.

Either way, we'll make sure to be more exact in future releases.