[Silk UI Web] Modal widget - features and bugs

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Published on 22 Oct by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 22 Oct by OutSystems R&D

I'm working on using the modal for some feedback on pages.
however, when a user clicks outside the modal, the modal closes itself.
In the code I see in the init it toggles the modal, but that is not something you always want.
So I like to have this as a parameter, preventing the modal from closing :)

furthermore I would love to see, instead of toggleModal() also extra function to explicilty open tye modal if not already open, or close it when it's not closed.
Because in my case, I want open/close the modal via jquery.

(basically I'm trying not to have the modalDialog of jqueryUI :) )

Hello Joost,

First of all  sorry for the really late reply, but somehow your post evaded our radars.
Thank you for the feedback. I'm adding your suggestions to our backlog to be further analised.

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus

Is there any update on this as i am also facing the Same Problem.

Can we achive this anyhow because its a blocker to the application.
Or any work around is available  ?
Hello Sunny, 

Those suggestions were added to our backlog to further analysis and prioritization.
However, as a workaround you can copy the pattern to your application and change it to your needs.

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus

HI @Samuel,

Can u tell me how i can copy the pattern for Modal Popup in Silk UI ?

Also if i copy the pattern and change according to my way, does the newer versions will have any impact on my copied pattern , will it override the older thing when i upgrdade to newer vesion of Outsystems ?
If I copy paste and modify the JS code, it's not working the way I wanted. 

my requirement is, I don't want user to close popup upon clicking outside of the modal box. Basically I want to unbind click event of 'ModalBackground' window.

Quick response appreciable! 

I am trying to achieve the same thing in version 9.1.603.0. Is there a solution to this. I'm having having to force a save every time a change is made in the modal in case the user clicks outside of it which is not ideal.

I have tried copying the modal from SilkUIFramework into a new Espace I have created called SilkUIChanges. I also copied the ToggleModal action and the Private/SilkUI but I still can't get this to work.

I get a javascript error when I try to click a button on the page to toggle the modal.

I've changed back to the original modal for now but this is not ideal.

This is a massive issue for me.