Emails Status is Pending

Hi Everyone,

I have a problem, the development server is not sending any emails this was started on Dec 3, 2015 until now.
and we don't have any errors on Error Logs.

And also we have 136 Emails Queued

Thank You.
Hi Mikro,

I had also this problem a while ago in the Enviroment Health you can see the Email timer is not running? In this case the only solution is OS restarts your system, contact them on Keep in mind this can take a few days befor they have time, took for me alsmost a week.

Good luck!
Hello Mikro,

We are aware of some problems sending emails from our Personal Environments in the cloud, and we're working in identifying them and fixing them without causing much impact.

The usual symptoms are emails in queue. The root cause varies, but typically, configuring the email server to use SSL port 465 is one of the problems.

This happens because our email support for SSL is limited to STARTLS in port 587, and plain text in port 25.

So if you have any configuration using SSL on port 465, please attempt the other 2 protocol options.

If you still have problems sending email after this, please feel free to PM me with the name of your environment, so I can take a direct look at the problem.




I'm also having the same problem.
I've always had configured the 587 port and I started to get this issue since the 11th of December.

Hello Hugo,

Can you check if the emails are working now?

Yes, they are, Thanks!
I'm having the same issue in my personal environment as well.

port 587 as always configured to send out ...

Could you help me out ...???
Hello Eric,

Can you check if the emails are still blocked?

it works now ... thanks ...!!! What did you do ...???
Hello Eric,

Thanks for the feedback.

We've detected a problem that can lock the email sending n the Personal Environments, even when the configuration is correct.

We're actively monitoring and working on the problem.

excellent. thanks for the prompt support ...!!!
I have same issue already how can we solve this email log show pending over and over
Hello Ekincan,

Sorry for the late reply. I've noticed that you no longer have errors sending emails, but the error you got in March 18 was related to a mis-match between your mail server login and the sender address ("Sender address is not valid for your login. Check your email program settings.").

I assume you were able to solve this problem and move forward.

Let me know if you need any further assistance on this topic.

Hello Miguel,

My problem solved by itself.
I did not live that anymore.
Thanx for your interest.

Best Regards,