How can i access the Outsystem Application Database

How can i access the Outsystem Application Database. If i want to 
create user-define functions and procedures in
Outsystem Application Database how can i do that.?

I'll assume that you are using the free personal edition in the Outsystems cloud and if that's correct, you cannot access the SQL Server database using external tools such as SQL Server Management Studio.  If you purchase a license then you would be able to do that.  The real question is what are you trying to accomplish in those functions and procedures that the Outsystems platform cannot do?


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We are not using personal edition, we had purchased a license of outsystem. So now tell me how can i do that. Should i used integrated studio for accessing My Database in SQL Management Studio.?

If you purchased a license you have a SQL Server database, no different than if you created that database manually.  You should be able to access that database using any tools that you would normally use such as SQL Mnagement Studio.  You should not need Integration Studio at all.  Do be very careful because if you change the database structure with an external tool you may get unpredictable results in your Outsystems application.

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How to access outsystem database. what is connection string or any object through that we access that database. How can we connect Database with outsystem.?

I would contact Outsystems support to get an answer for this.  If you paid for a license you need this access not only for the management tools but for backup, recovery, etc.
How can i change Entity's  Attributes Datatype when Entinty reference already used in forms. & preparation. I tried this but its not allow me to this. Please give me proper solution.
You've completely hijacked your thread to ask a completely different question than what you started with.  The answer will depend a lot on what you are trying to do.  I would suggest creating a new topic for this.
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Outsystems automatically creates database for your application and we need not create stored procedures / user defined functions for Outsystems applications as we write advanced queries / simple queries in Outsystems application itself which are easy to maintain. However, we can create stored procedure for reporting purpose.

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I have created an empty records in the application which I am not able to delete. Is there anyway to delete these row using outsystems?



HI Shweta,

You can do it from your application, get the list of all records in your screen , put a link (delete) with each row and associate a action with the link pass the id of the record in the action and write code to delete the record from database based on the id.

The other answer for accessing database you need to go to the [Outsystems configuration tool] which gets installed with the platform server installation on application server with this tool you will get all the information about the database like type of database ,host name of the database server and the schema in used.




Here is the snap shot of configuration tool.



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Looks like above option is available only in the enterprise version of Outsystems. I am still using the trial version of it. For now, I have applied the filters at UI so that it does not display any empty records on the Contact page.



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Please check out this post:

Does it help you?



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Thanks for this. It's useful :)