OutSystems was a sponsor at this year’s ITPalooza event, held at an excellent venue, Nova Southeastern University in Ft Lauderdale, FL. The conference was a huge success drawing their largest crowd yet with over 1500 attendees.  There were many tracks and it was split about 50/50 with IT pros and Devs as well as over 50 CEO/CIOs in attendance. The event was attended by Toby Thornton and myself, Russ Fustino, from OutSystems.


The photo below shows the non-stop action expo floor.




I delivered my session on “OutSystems – A more efficient way to build apps” to a very engaged audience. I showed demos on

  • Building an app from scratch

  • OutSystems Now consuming device capabilities

  • OutSystems Silk UI framework showing off several elements including responsive behaviors, carousel control, and data tiles.

Interesting note: One attendee was there brushing up for a job interview that required OutSystems expertise.


Demo Exercises OutSystems Jumpstart Materials


PowerPoint: OutSystems: A more efficient way to build apps! 



Networking was phenomenal, as we engaged with a couple of potential OutSystems solution partners. I got to catch up with Blain Barton, Microsoft IT Pro Evangelist, and he provided an autographed copy of his new book, “Microsoft Public Cloud Services, Setting up your business in the cloud” from MS Press.



Jared Richter from DevOps.com won a Drone (shown below) in our booth raffle.


See more photos on the OutSystemsDev Facebook ITPalooza Photo Page (and please like us!). Also, here is the link to the Official ITPalooza Event Photos.


Congrats to all of the organizers for a very well run and organized event! If you would like me to present OutSystems at your user group or company, please email me at russell.fustino@outsystems.com




Labs from this session www.outsystems.com/goto/jumpstart

Download Free OutSystems Personal Environment www.outsystems.com

OS Mobile https://success.outsystems.com/Evaluation/Mobile

Integrate with REST and SOAP API’s https://success.outsystems.com/Evaluation/Integration/00_Integrate_with_SOAP_web_services_and_REST_APIs?origin=d

Community www.outsystems.com/community

Forge http://www.outsystems.com/forge/

Learn http://www.outsystems.com/learn/

Online training www.outsystems.com/course/developer-foundation

Case studies http://www.outsystems.com/customers/

JumpStart Classes https://www.outsystems.com/academy/instructor-assisted-training/outsystems-platform-jump-start-training/

Silk UI - Dozens of patterns http://labs.outsystems.net/SilkUI/Patterns.aspx

Prebuilt pages http://labs.outsystems.net/SilkUI/Samples.aspx

Learn more about Silk UI Framework http://labs.outsystems.net/SilkUI

Scaffolding patterns


OutSystems Architecture


KnowledgeBase http://success.outsystems.com/












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