How to pass HTTP Headers in SOAP webservice?


I need to pass this values on HTTP Header (red box in picture) in SOAP webservice, how to pass it on Outsystems?

Hi Luís, 

I think you can use the EnhancedWebReferences API.

Give it a try and let me know if it helped. By the way, what is your use case for this?


Hello Mario,

I used EnhancedWebReferences  to pass SOAP headers and it works, but I can't pass the HTTP headers that is in red box on the picture.

Any more ideias?

Hey Luis,

Well you can allways go to Integration Studio... But I'm sure you know that...

I beleive another option would be to use the WebService Proxy extension. This extension uses the EnhancedHttp extension to set the url of the service request to an internal module… that gets the http request, (logs it) and makes an HTTP post to the final destination. You can then change the http post and add extra headers.

Hope this helps...

Hi Luis,

I have the same challenge as you do. Have you already solved it in a non Intergration Studio way?



Why isn't there a OnBeforeRequest and OnAfterResponse for SOAP (like in REST); this would solve so much integration struggles.

I checked both ardoHTTP and WebService Proxy extension but could NOT find a API which will add a parameter to HTTP HEADER.Could someone help.