Data refresh in DEV environment

Hi guys. In the outsystems cloud, what is the best way to refresh your application data in DEV with the data that is in production?

In a normal on premise database environment (not outsystems platform), I would just backup the db in prod and restore it to the dev server. Very simple.

With outsystems cloud you have several complications. Multiple app tables sharing same database with meta data tables. Extremely limited direct access to the database server.

I'm hoping this doesn't involve individual table exports and imports. How is it normally done? This seems like a pretty standard need. Thank you for any advice you can provide.
Hi Mark,

Indeed this is an issue that many projects encounter.

Please take a look into the following previous discussions about this matter.

Personally and if the data is not too much complex, please consider the approach suggested by André Vieira and create web services in your application to export and import data.

Hope it helps you.

Best regards.


The links in Daniel's response are inaccessible.   The message, "The topic you are trying to read had been closed" is received.

Is there any accessible information about migrating data from production to dev or uat environments? 

We are on premises, not cloud.