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When submitting an app to the google play store, there are a couple of things to have in consideration... So we've putted together a small checklist of what you're required to do/create to submit an application!

  • Android Store Account;

  • Name - Your app's name on Google Play

  • Your title should be unique and accessible, avoid common terms, and reinforce what your app is about.

  • Keep your title focused - longer titles are likely to be truncated depending on the device your users are browsing on.

  • Avoid using subtle misspellings of general terms, as users may end up correcting misspelled search terms.

  • Short Description - The first text users see when looking at your app's detail page on the oogle Play StorePlay Store app. 80 character limit;

  • Full Description – Your app's description on Google Play. 4000 character limit.

  • Focus on your users and what they will get from your app.

  • Review your app’s description on the Google Play app and web store to ensure that the most vital text is visible “above the fold”.

  • Use SEO Best Practices in your Description, but be mindful of Google Play Content Policies regarding SPAM and IP Infringement (e.g. keyword spamming, impersonation, etc).

  • Screenshots - You can upload up to 8 screenshots for each supported device type: Phone, 7-inch tablet, 10-inch tablet, and Android TV.


To publish your Store Listing, you must provide a minimum of 2 screenshots.

  • JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha)

  • Minimum dimension: 320px

  • Maximum dimension: 3840px

  • The maximum dimension of your screenshot cannot be more than twice as long as the minimum dimension.

Category – Choose the category here.

Consider also visiting Google Play Developer Console Help!
Hope this helps you out! :)


P.S. - Kudos to Vitor Oliveira and João Gonçalves for the help in creating this!
Thanks for sharing this!
It will be very useful indeed!

I've already submitted apps to Google Play that were developed on other systems. What I'm most interested in knowing are the steps required to prepare an app developed with OutSystems for submission to Google Play. Can you expand on your checklist to include these steps?
Hi Anthony,

On this discussion you can find the following video:

I believe that covers some of these steps.

Hope it helps you!
Best regards.
Hi Daniel,

I appreciate the link. I had read a little about that during my initial testing, but I found it difficult to believe it was the only path.

I guess the obvious question is, and this is to any management personel passing by, does OutSystems not have any Fortune 500 customers that build B2C apps with their platform? Are there plans for exporting Xcode and Android projects any time soon? What about access to the source code for zipping and uploading to PhoneGap Build? Is manually repurposing the OutSystems Now app really our only option?

I really love this platform. It just makes sense. But I need better options for packing B2C apps, or at least access to the source code for uploading to PhoneGap Build for producing the binary files. Is this possible?
There does not appear to be any round-tripping between OutSystems Studio, and the workflows outlined here for the OutSystems Now app modifications across the various environments: http://labs.outsystems.net/OutSystemsNowDocs/OutSystemsNowOpenSource.aspx

Does this mean that with every update to the app in OutSystems Studio, this process of incorporating and modifying the OutSystems Now app will have to be redone all over again each time?
Wait a minute - the OutSystems Now app is just a shell, an empty app that if accepted by the app stores, would merely load the web app located on your OutSystems cloud account. Is this correct? Change the “DefaultHostname” and load a web app? That doesn’t seem very professional. I’m new to the platform so maybe I’ve missed something.
Hi Anthony,

Indeed, Outsystems Now is just a shell...it takes the advantages of the so called 'Hybrid' applications.

Do you had the oportunity to take a look into Mobile topics of the OutSystems Evaluation Guide?

Some discussions about this topic:

And the Outsystems Now, online documentation: http://labs.outsystems.net/OutSYstemsNowDocs/

After reading these topics, hope it helps you to get a better understanding about the Outsystems Platform and the mobile approach.
Hi Anthony,

That is correct. OutSystems Now is a native shell based on Cordova to run application built with the OutSystems Platform. This enables you to use native functionalities in your application, and distribute your application through the app stores.
So only changes made to OutSystems Now itself, the wrapper, require new app store submissions, all other changes are instantaneously live.

Let me know if this answers to your questions!


Can you provide a list of OutSystems apps in the app stores (Google & Apple) that were created by your Fortune 500 customers? It seems extremely risky to spend tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and months of hard work developing an app on OutSystems, only to have it rejected on the grounds that what was submitted to the app stores was nothing but a native shell. Or that the second, third, and fourth app submitted by the same customer was also just an empty shell with alternate graphics.

Has anyone come across documentation regarding Apple and Google's policy on apps submitted that are nothing more than native shells? I need - my clients deserve - a future proof business model for developing innovative B2C apps. Are there plans to offer a professional approach to packaging apps developed on OutSystems?

If you're just using OutSystems Now to submit your app to the store, then definitely you should review your approach. Apple will most likely refuse the submission of your application if it is indeed just a wrapper. However, if you leverage the functionalities provided by OutSystems Now, then it will be most unlikely for you to not have issues with that.

Regarding the list that you request, you have case studies that talk about some of those examples, so I would recommend you to take a look at it.

Let me know if you have additional questions!



I don't have an approach for submitting an OutSystems app to the app stores, I'm asking for one. All that was given me is the OutSystems Now shell. Are there other options?

As for the list you provided, they appear to be Enterprise apps not available on Apple App Store and Google Play. Of those on the list, can you point to those that were developed with OutSystems, submitted with the OutSystems Now shell, and which are available on the app stores?

Sorry, I skipped over your statement here:  "Apple will most likely refuse the submission of your application if it is indeed just a wrapper."

I would think any serious OutSystems app would be a hundred times, or in some cases a thousand times more than just a wrapper. I would also think that a serious OutSystems customer will have spent a considerable amount of company resources developing their app. So why are we limited to only using a shell for app store submissions, when that approach could mean that months of work (and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars) is lost because Apple/Google rejected it - based solely on the fact that it is exactly what you advertise it as being - a native shell?

And your other statement: "However, if you leverage the functionalities provided by OutSystems Now, then it will be most unlikely for you to not have issues with that."

So the object is to work to finesse the shell, to make it appear less shell-like to Apple and Google? Do you honestly consider that to be a professional solution?