OutSystems and agile development (based on Scrum and XP Programming)


Is possible develop on OutSystems using an agile methodology based on Scrum and XP Programming's practices?
In the community, projects using OutSystems are developing using Agile or RUP-like processes?

About tests:
Is possible to do TDD (using automated testing) using OS? Is there a official acceptance testing framework or something like this?
HI Leonardo,

Welcome to our community.

OutSystems as a technology can be used with any kind of methodology that you may choose. We're built to be agile and we even use an agile methodology while delivering our own projects with the platform but I've seen it be used with tradtional waterfall as well.

About automated tests you have several possibilities on our forge.

The Unit Test Framework allows you to build and automate unit tests

The Test Automator allows you to build and automate regression tests.

Hope this clarifies your questions.