Wakeyou wakeywakey
Hi Ezzzy!

If your personal environment is suspended you just have to visit http://www.outsystems.com/home/ and click the "Wake Up" button.

What if there's no button "Wake up" to clic ?

In my experience when there's no wakeup button you are either not logged in at all or you are logged in under a different username than the personal environment your are trying to wake up.  Be sure you are logged into the correct account and the button should be there.

Hope this helps,


No. I'm sure I am logged in with my only one username I have.
But I can see 3 buttons available, "Create", "Browse" and "Manage" applications...

Strange.  I would contact support@outsystems.com.

Thanks but doesn´t work. I tried 3 times.
Still with no access to my environment
Hi Ezzzy,
You should see wake it up button looks like below:

If still unable to see wake it up button please contact outsystem support.
Yes. It works now.
They say there were some updates yesterday so... 
Thanks everyone